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Roam Ropes Builds A Better Earbud


The humble earbud has come a long way. Thanks to Apple, a stunning number of people have little white cords dangling out of their ears. But let’s be realistic: Earbuds leave a lot to be desired as a form factor. Which is where the team at Roam comes in with...


Soto Torch Turns Lighters Into Useful Tools


If you’re camping, hiking, or just have a recalcitrant stove, you need a reliable source of fire. A lighter would seem to fit the bill, but lighters, as campers quickly learn, aren’t built to do anything other than light a pile of charcoal or a cigarette. This is where the...


GBuzz Is An Alarm Clock That Makes Sense


Of all the devices threatened by the rise of the smartphone, none has taken it harder on the chin than the humble alarm clock. Once a fixture of nightstands everywhere, the alarm clock is increasingly an endangered species. That’s something G-Project wants to address, with the smartly designed GBuzz. Cause...


MOTA Smart Watch G2 Puts Your Phone On Your Wrist


We all hate digging through our bags and backpacks to try and find where we left our phones. The smart watch has been an attempt to solve that problem, and MOTA may have the most stylish version yet. Functionality On Your Wrist One of the fundamental problems of smart watches...

prep pad

6 Ways The Prep Pad Will Make You Healthier (List)


If you’ve ever tried to get healthy, you know it requires one thing above all others: Data. Data about how much you move, data about how much you eat, data about how much of what substance is in what you eat. That last, in particular, is difficult at best to...


Meet DURT, The Wooden Mountain Bike


Most bikes are made of extremely high-end composites and fibers that come from the cutting edge of materials science: Carbon fiber, for example, is so light and durable it’s practically a slam dunk for bikes. But it’s also less sustainable than the humble wooden frame, especially when properly engineered. Or...

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Carbon Hides A Solar Charger On Your Wrist

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There are plenty of solar gizmos out there, especially on Kickstarter. But Carbon is the most visually arresting of them, for a fairly simple reason; it’s not just a solar cell you can strap to your wrist; it’s also a quite nice analog watch. Solar Power For Your Phone Carbon...


The ii Earphones Snap Strap Keeps Your Buds In Your Ears


Ever since the rise of the iPod, man has struggled with that most vexing of First World problems: How do you keep those stupid #$%*ing earbuds from falling out?! As a result, much thought and even more innovation has been applied to this problem. But the Snap Strap might just...


Rotating Faucet Serves Both Sink And Shower


If you live in a small apartment, or just have a small bathroom, you know the importance of saving space wherever you can. That extends not just to your furniture and your stuff, but also to the plumbing. Hence, a clever design that saves you a lot of space in...


The SPARCS Camera Grenade Sends Cameras Flying


The grenade is probably one of the most oddly iconic weapons in human history. We make everything from mugs to Airsoft toys out of them. But the grenade is constantly being improved, and has more new ideas applied to the form factor. Like, for example, the SPARCS Camera Grenade. Droneless...