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A Moving Golf Course That Changes the Way You Play


This is one golf course that won’t put you to sleep. Not that there’s anything wrong with the sport..except, you know, it’s about the slowest thing you can watch on TV besides a 20-inning baseball game. While this is very obviously a commercial for Caterpillar dump trucks, it’s really sparked...


Arccos Uses Your iPhone To Overhaul Your Golf Game


Golf is a game of constant analysis, study, and collecting data. Golfers are constantly analyzing their swing, making minute adjustments, switching clubs, and generally trying to do a little better with every shot. Anything that aids that process can give you the edge, and that’s the ultimate goal for Arccos,...


The Volkswagen Golf R 400 Is A Concept We Love


It’s that season again, where car companies hit the auto shows and roll out their new concept cars. Volkswagen has decided, this year, to show off a high-end Golf… and it’s a pretty impressive car, concept or not. High-Speed Golf First of all, it’s got a top speed of 174...


Hit The Golf Course In The Mini-Tumbler Batcart


If Batman played golf, he’d probably show up on the back nine in this Mini-Tumbler Batcart! It’s a golf cart made to look like Batman’s Tumbler made by Macr Irvin of Marc’s Creation company for the movie director/producer Ray Griggs. The customized cart has actually been seen driving around movie...


Fix Your Short Game With The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat


Anyone who’s ever picked up a golf club knows how fun and addicting golf can be. You also know how mind numbingly difficult and frustrating it is. Judging from the club throws and F-bombs, Tiger Woods feels the same way. To ease the frustration, the people at Perfect Pitch Golf...

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Swingbyte 2 Can Help Improve Your Golf Game


Golf isn’t exactly an easy sport. It takes practice and lots of patience to excel at golf. Not to mention awesome form and a dope swing. To help you perfect that dope swing is the Swingbyte 2 gadget that will help empower your golf game with real-time swing data. The...