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GMail Gets A New Layout


Google is in the middle of a massive services overhaul right now; for example, you might notice that suddenly, you need a Google+ account to weigh in on YouTube videos. Part of that process is an overhaul of GMail apps, starting with, of course, the Android version. And since I’m...

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

HP Announces Pavilion 14 Chromebook with 14 inch Display


Google continues to blanket the mobile computing sector in a shimmering “Chrome”. It’s true and more end partners seem to welcome their new OS. HP is the latest to offer up a device for the Chrome treatment. They have recently announced the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook. Forever striving to be...


How To Set Up Gmail for your Website or Business (how to)

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Gmail’s interface allows it to play nicely with other email accounts, including those attached to your business or website. Google Mail revolutionized email delivery because it can replace your mail reading program even when you’re using a business or website email service instead of your Google address. Catch you later,...


Google Updates Gmail iPad Interface (Again)


Checking e-mail on the iPad & iPhone is great — there’s nothing better than tapping a bunch of spam and deleting it in seconds. But there is still room for improvement. Why is why it’s good to hear that Google’s updated the Gmail for iPad interface (for a second time)...

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