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4 Reasons To Not Buy Google Glass Today (List)


Heard the news? If you’re on Twitter, you probably have: Google Glass is finally available to anyone who wants a pair. And it’s good news, for some. But for most of us, it’s still not worth it. 1. They’re $1500 The most basic reason not to buy them? They’re ridiculously...

Holy Grail Screen Protector for the iPhone 5 main

Holy Grail Screen Protector for the iPhone 5 Review


hy do most screen protectors come with “backups” when you buy them? If the idea is that the screen protector will keep the phone’s screen from being damaged, wouldn’t one be enough? Or is it that the company knows that the screen protector won’t last and so provides additional ones...


Sex With Glass Sounds Pretty Much Completely Awful


Google Glass will be part of our future… but the future of Google Glass is not what Google sees it as. Google has been fighting the idea that Glass users are a bunch of narcissistic self-involved jerks, often slapped with the label “Glasshole”, but to be honest, apps like Sex...

Google Glass Gun Range

Video of the Day: Google Glass at the Gun Range (video)


Never been to a gun range?  No problem.  Just checkout this YouTube video from CheekFlapperer, who wore their Google Glass to the gun range and fired a variety of weapons....

Glass Tesla

Google Glass Just Got a Tesla App Called Glass Tesla, Here’s How It Works (video)


Many Tesla owners are early adopters.  So it stands to reason that some of them are also in possession of Google’s Glass.  And if you happen to fall into that bucket, you’ll be pleased to hear that someone has created what is the first 3rd party Google Glass app, called Glass Tesla,...

Glass Porn App | Tits & Glass

Google Glass Porn App That Showed DIY POV Pornography No Longer

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Remember that T*ts and Glass app for Google Glass I mentioned in this post?  Well, turns out Google wasn’t feeling it and banned the app – yeah, huge surprise. So the developer, MiKandi, went back to the drawing board and today announced that the app will no longer allow Glass pornographers...


7 Ways Google Glass will Change How We Think About and Interact With Sex


The way we consume movies, TV shows, and even music has drastically changed thanks to the proliferation of the smartphone.  It’s a one stop device that is not only our media hub, but serves as the center of our communication.  And while Google Glass has yet to make the same...

Google Glass Unboxing

Google Glass Unboxing Using…Google Glass (video)


Watch Dan McLaughlin unbox his Google Glass(es) using what else, the Google Glass.  As he points out it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, so what you’ll in fact see is everything that is included with Google’s newest device but the device itself....

Tech specs for Google Glass revealed

Google Glass Tech Specs Revealed


Specs for Google’s wearable technology Glass have finally been revealed. According to the company’s support page that lists tech specs, Google Glass will feature a 5-megapixel camera and bone conduction audio. The Glass can shoot up to 720op video and sports a high-res display that’s said to be equal to “a 25-inch...


See What Google Glass Will Look Like By Watching this Short Video (video)


[GR]v1uyQZNg2vE[/GR] Until today, I was a skeptic of Google’s Glass project.  But now, after watching this video, which depicts Google Glass’ abilities, I’m a convert – price aside of course. So what can you do with Google’s Glass and why would you want a pair?  We already knew that you...

Santa Monica new Apple Store-001

Apple Opens Their All Glass Store in Santa Monica, We Go Hands On (pics)


The Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA, home to Gadget Review, has been by all accounts an understatement given the brands cash reserves and when compared to their other stores in major markets.  But no more. Last week Apple unveiled their newest store on the Third Street Promenade, and take...