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Gigabyte Aivia Neon Touch-Charge Air Presenter Mouse Review


Gigbayte is one of the most formidable competitors in the video card and motherboard arenas. Their success in such affords them much in the way of R&D in other markets like laptops, tablets, audio solutions and various PC peripherals–both mundane and unconventional. The last Gigabyte product we stripped down was...


Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Laser Gaming Mouse Review


I grope a lot of hairless rodents. Some call it a fetish. I call it work, though from it I do draw a near post-coital bliss one may misinterpret as disturbing. What can I say, I like toying with new mice. So when Gigabyte offered up their newest, the 8200dpi...


Gigabyte Aivia Gaming Mouse And Keyboard


I love me some gaming peripherals. For me new peripherals mean new weapons of war to level the digital playing field and tip more frags in my favor. Today Gigabtye is playing peripheral arms dealer to the gaming needy with their new Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard and Krypton Dual-Chassis gaming...


Gigabyte’s M1125 Convertible Notebook Has Got Fast USB 3.0 Speeds


Gigabyte isn’t exactly a household tech name, but they’ve got some interesting new wares they’re ready to show off at Computex this year. One of them is the M1125, an 11.6.-inch convertible touchscreen notebook that features a Core I-series CPU (whether that’s an i3,i5, or i7 is undisclosed) as well...

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