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Beer Artillery Sling To Help You Get Cerebal Tallsy


See those talls!  Whatever you call this thing exactly, it rules.  Dudes will call you the ultimate party beast when they see you roll up brandishing this almighty beer sling.  I don’t know the price or if it’s even real and available but I would totally drop $20 to rage...


100 Dollar Bill Wallet: Making Strippers Foam At The Crotch

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When suspension of disbelief permeates your finances, you just know that something is amiss.  While this wallet will definitely make you look pimpy buying tacos, it will also make you look pretty vulnerable using a late night ATM.  Either way, this is a timely product that if you are witty...


USB Insect Fans

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Hmmm...let's see. Crap weather, no bugs. Nice Weather, bugs. While my dog is great at insect removal, these cute USB powered bug fans have spring and Mother's Day gift written all over them. At under $10, I doubt these little guys do much in regards to...


Remote Controlled Party Blimp


Now while my Party Blimp idea is certainly scaled differently, this one would sure be a gas to futz around with. Using programmable lights to spell offensive one liners, this 3 foot RC Party Blimp is just asking to be mistaken as a wayward pinata' at your next office...