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$10 iPod Speaker From The Container Store

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In America, there’s nothing quite like a good value.  I went to Burger King the other day because they had a $1 Double Cheeseburger.  It was quite a value as I had two.  This little iPod speaker from the Container Store is only $10.  What would make it a value?...


FlashHarp USB Drive Harmonica


As the list of creative USB flash drive hits beyond endless, this is the first tried and true instrument I’m seeing as a storage device.  Measuring in at a tiny 3 1/4″, you can even get one preloaded with a QuickTime instructional video to help you play it. Handmade in...

Wine Wisk

Holiday 09′: Wine Wisk And Bottle Stopper


As we are beginning into the later half of the fall and towards the almighty Black Friday, crazy gift ideas are beginning to snowball.  The Wine Wisk and Bottle Stopper is just that. Whipping this thing out at a holiday party is surely going to have people talking after the...


8-Inches Of Levitating Globe For That Mass


Having a globe around always makes you seem more worldly and distinguished.  But how about a floating globe? Somehow not endorsed by David Blaine, is this cool looking levitating globe from Yanko Design.  Using an electronically controlled magnetic field, the 8-inch globe is suspended in mid-air for as long as...


US Canteen’s Ultimate Water Bottle: The H2Only


Those of us out there looking for a great reusable water bottle to use on the go should keep reading.  The H2Only bottle is made from stainless steel and filters out 99.99% of all pollutants found in drinking water.  The bottle holds up to 25 ounces of water and would...