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Meet EcoSwitch, The Touchscreen Hot Plate


If you live in a small, crappy apartment, or a college dorm, you probably have a hot plate. And it’s probably terrible; most hot plates are. But what if they could be redesigned, from the ground up, to be safer and smarter? That’s the idea behind EcoSwitch. A Smartplate In...

GE Power Pro X500 Review

GE Power Pro X500 Review


[rating:4.5/5] I make it a point to let readers know that I am by no means a professional photographer (though with all these camera reviews I’m getting closer), but I do know what I like in a camera as a consumer.  One thing that I’ve always liked are “bridge cameras”...

GE Hybrid Light Bulb

GE Lighting Betters the Compact Fluorescent Bulb

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The one thing people dislike about Compact Fluorescent Lights, now that they’re mostly not mercury laden anymore, is their low initial brightness upon turn-on. With that in mind, GE Lighting has added a small halogen capsule inside their new hybrid halogen-CFL bulbs, making them turn on instantly to a high...


MSI Launches GE700 Gaming Laptop


MSI revealed a new gaming notebook today in their GE gamer series. The GE700 gaming laptop has a 17-inch LCD display and some impressive specs for running today’s biggest games. The notebook has an 1GB ATI Radeon HD570 GPU, an Intel Core i5 processor, two twin 2.5 inch HDDs with...