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Garmin Announces Edge 500 GPS System For Cyclists


Garmin kicked out a new GPS system today called the Edge 500.  Designed specifically for cyclists, it weighs just 2 ounces and can track speed, distance, time, GPS position, elevation, temperature, calories burned, climb and descent.  For accurate altimeter readings, Garmin has stuffed in a barometric altimeter and like their...


Garmin Adds Dakota GPS Line

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Today, Garmin announced their Dakota line of GPSes, which from the looks of it are just a water downed version of their 550.  It sports a smaller but reasonably sized 2.6-inch touchscreen, which probably explains the slightly better battery life of 20 hours.  And much like the 550 it’s waterproof...


Garmin Oregon 550 GPS Does Underwater 3.2MP Pics


Looks like Garmin still has a few tricks up their sleeve, even if they are a bit on the gimmicky side.  Introduced yesterday, the Oregon 550 GPS device includes a 3.2 megapixel camera that can  capture geotagged images in portrait or landscape mode.  But the versatility doesn’t stop there.  The...


Garmin nuvi 1490T Unveiled, 25% Thinner And Less Filling


Garmin announced their 1490T today, a GPS unit that they claim is 25% thinner than ‘most’ nuvi models.  It sports a 5-inch touchscreen, lane assist, Bluetooth for handsfree calls and free lifetime traffic updates, something we’ve seen in Navigon’s line of GPS units.  They’ve also tossed in lane assist with...


Garmin-Asus Navigates Us To Another Phone, The M20


Garmin-Asus announced their official partnership last week and with it unveiled the official Nuvifone, the G60.  Although we got clued into other Nuvifones at the time of the announcement we didn’t get any specific details.  Today, Garmin-Asus unveiled their second phone, the M20.  It’s a Window Mobile 6.1 based handset...