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Woollypocket Living Wall Planter

WoollyPocket Introduces the Living Wall Planter


[vimeo 60871802 w=600 h=350] My thumb has been every shade in the spectrum except an efficient and effective verdant green. I’m no gardener. I don’t have the knack–that preternatural connection with greenery is lost on my thumbs. I tried to grow marijuana in college once. But never inhaled. Somehow I...

PackAway Bucket

Collapsible Bucket


Rolling up the good old hose or putting away the chainsaw is a must after a long days works in the yard.  Leave it unraveled and someone is sure to trip over it, get snagged and fall face first into the teeth of that gas powered saw.  Okay, so were...

Docomo Gardening Sensor

Wireless Gardening Sensor Sends Data Right To Your Phone


I can barely manage to water the three plants I have on my roof deck, let alone keep them alive.  That’s why I need something like Docomo’s new Garden Sensor for my iPhone. Who knows, perhaps Easybloom will update their product with wireless capabilities? This handy device inserts into your...

folding wheelbarrow

Folding Wheelbarrow


Perfect for carting drunk buddies around, this 250 pound capacity folding wheelbarrow is just another innovative product from the minds at Hammacher Schlemmer.  Now just about any sized household or apartment can easily store this wheelbarrow when before it was just too big to have around. Folding down to only...


FlowerPot EYE Concept Shows You Your Roots

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Gardening and horticulture are fastly becoming new hobbies for thousands of Americans embracing this powerful green movement and many of them may be very interested in what Olga Kalugina has created. The FlowerPot Eye is a sort of X-Ray flowerpot that not only shows the roots of your plant but...


EasyBloom Plant Sensor Gives You An Electronic Green Thumb


The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is Web 2.0 meets botanical mad scientist. Just place the device in the location you plan to ‘garden’ and after 24 hours plug it in your computer. The EasyBlossom website will suck down the recorded info and based on soil pH, sunlight levels, ambient temperature, humidity,...