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BMW Makes Solar Charging Look Good


One of the big problems of electric vehicles is that while you’re saving on emissions by avoiding the pump, you are still possibly creating a problem by plugging in and potentially getting your power from coal or oil. Leave it to the engineers at BMW to create an elegant, and...

Garage House

Garage House Monster Eats Cars (video)


This house looks like you every day mid-western home, right?  Wrong.  Balcony and all flips up to reveal a giant hangar bay garage.  Not quite as cool as the concealed garage that we saw last year, but it’s up there. [GR]G_m2bT-CikA[/GR]...

Full Automated Bicycle Parking Garage (video)

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[GR]wE4fvwTBtno[/GR] Tokyo, Japan has long been a place with a massive population and a small amount of land.  So as you can imagine they’re always inventing new ways to store their worldly positions without displacing their living space. The multistory computerized bike parking garage is just one of those things...