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Virgin America Flights Now Have Android Entertainment Systems


Never be bored again on a flight, thanks to Virgin America’s in-flight Android Entertainment System. Sure, airports are a drag and your seat on-board is probably uncomfortable, and you can’t forget about the dreaded turbulence, the anticipation of which haunts you the night before the flight. But at least Virgin...


Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft with HoloLens for Real-World Play


While Microsoft has shown off some very cool applications for things like HoloLens and potential software for collaboration and even AR robots, we’ve hadn’t seen many products aimed at the consumer masses…not until E3, when Microsoft took HoloLens to the people and showed off a Minecraft app. The idea is simple and...


Lego Worlds Aims to Replace Minecraft, Looks Fantastic


It was bound to happen: Ever since the ubiquitous success of Minecraft, others were certain to set about crafting their own competing games to win the eyes of gamers. And is it really such as a surprise that the first major competitor looks like Lego Worlds? After all, Minecraft has...


NVidia Shield Android TV is the Box for Google Lovers


“This is how you play TV,” NVidia claims with its finally-released Shield Android TV. It’s a set top box. It’s a game console. It’s an Apple TV for people who love Android. With this Shield, you get video output up to 4K, surround sound support, and access to a whole...

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Teens Are Confused by 90s Tiger Handheld Games


In the latest “Teens React” video series on YouTube, clueless young gamers tackle a Tiger handheld game that’s definitely “not like Madden.” Bo Jackson Football was one of the many games in the Tiger Handheld line, which also included Bo Jackson Baseball. In fact, the former football and baseball player...

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6 of the Best Open World Games for the PS4


Do you have a PS3 or PS4 and are waiting for some excellent open world games that let you explore? Encounter video games on your own turns with some top-notch new releases. Here are the best new and upcoming open world games for PS3 and PS4. 1. Dying Light Dying...

3d arcade mug

The 3D Arcade Mug Brings A Classic Game To Life


If there’s one thing we’ve gotten surprisingly creative with, as a species, it’s mugs. Think about it; how many pieces of ceramic do you own with various styles, bands, causes, you name it, slapped on the side? Probably dozens, and you’re about to need to make room for one more,...


Han Solo LEGO Blaster Now On LEGO Ideas (video)


Man, don’t you hate it when people create cool ass LEGO builds only to find out that you can’t actually go and buy them? Yeah, us, too, which is why we’re pretty pumped that this Han Solo LEGO Blaster can possibly become a LEGO product…that is, if you go and...