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PC Game Winter Sale Redux: Rome II 60% Off & More


Wallet magically replenished now that the Steam and other PC gaming Winter sales are over? Well, GameFly decided to discount some of their most popular Winter sale titles in a new “Winter Sale’s Biggest Titles” sale. Instant discounts up to 75% off and there’s a 20% off coupon code to...


BioShock Infinite Black Friday Deal is Only $8 at GameFly Digital


The big Black Friday discounts apply to more than just dishwashers, dryers, and holiday trinkets this year – PC video games are destined to see their fair share of price drops. Today GameFly’s digital department launched their PC download Black Friday discounts. Dozens of titles are on sale, up to...

GameFly App

GameFly GameCenter iPhone App Now Available


For those of you that subscribe to the NetFlix-esque video game rental service, the GameFly GameCenter app is now available for free in the App Store.  More than just access to your queue, the GameFly GameCenter has a news feed, tons of user reviews, and instantly accessible “most popular” games...


Gamefly Launches G-Box, A Touchscreen Video Game Rental Kiosk


I totally didn’t see this one coming, but GameFly is trying their hand at kiosk video game rentals by installing touchscreen boxes at select 7-Elevens throughout Southern California.  Unlike their core business, which requires a membership, the G-Box kiosk just requires a credit card and a burning desire for a...