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Nintendo Game Boy & Tetris Transformers

Domaster & Tetrawing: Gameboy Transformers Made from LEGOS

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LEGO builder Julius von Brunk has assembled what has to be one of the most awesome and innovative LEGO creations around, combing three stories toys into one! He has combined LEGOS, Nintendo’s Gameboy and Soundwave Transformers Decepticon into a replica of what many consider to be the first handheld gaming...

Gameboy Bathing Suit

Gameboy Bathing Suit


The GameBoy is synonymous with portable gaming.  So how it made the jump to clothing is a bit of a stretch.  But on second thought, we’re posting on it, which should say something in upon itself.  It’s geeky sheik, though it’s got nothing on the pixelated bathing suit. The Gameboy...


iBoy: Gameboy iPhone Skin


This is a skin that turns your iPhone into a Gameboy.  But before you get too excited it goes on the back of the phone, not the front.  Which means you can still use the phone as Apple intended.  A skin that converts your iPhone into a working Gameboy –...

Synth Pillows

Synth Pillows From Soft Machines


Soon to be featured in an OK Go! video, these tech pillows will surely light up the eyes of on anyone who actually remembers the synthesizers and gadgets their designed after.  Brought to us from Berlin-based handmade crafts online store Soft Machines, these pillows will definitely pick up the visual...


Nintendo GameBoy Finally Inducted Into Toy Hall Of Fame


Not knowing that there even was a Toy Hall Of Fame, I’m pleased to announce that the Nintendo GameBoy has just been inducted.  Officially called Strong National Museum of Play’s Toy Hall of Fame, this black and white portable gamer was the final choice among 12 finalists of culturally important...


Nintendo Gameboy Turned Hard Drive Mod

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How do you prevent your hard drive from being stolen?  Simple, you stuff it inside an original Nintendo Gameboy.  At first glance, it looks like a full working Gameboy with a massive amount of storage.  Sadly, it’s devoid of any game operation and that screen shot you see is in...


GameBoy iPhone Skin Comes With No Games

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How nice.  Retro video gaming will presumably never be lame and the next logical step in incorporating them into everything is this iPhone skin.  Aesthetically transforming your high tech device into an old school Gameboy will cost you $15 for the skins.  I’d rather see Excite Bike instead of a...

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