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Deals: iTunes 25% Off & Bluetooth Speaker w/ 18hr Battery only $50


Every month or so, we’ll see Apple iTunes code discounts prominently on sale, typically for between 10% and 15% off the usual prices. But today PayPal Digital Gifts is selling the $100 codes for $75 – a hardly seen 25% discount. What’s more, there are email delivery, meaning gratification isn’t...


HBO Now Available Through Apple Devices, Starting April


HBO has been promising a standalone subscription service for what feels like years, but it’s actually been only a few months since the company officially announced HBO Now – and then inexplicably went dark about its biggest change in a decade. Now we know why: The company has been working...

Custom GOT Mini Figs

Game of Thrones Mini Figs Are Yours for $70


Did you watch the final few episodes of Game of Thrones?  If not, then I won’t ruin it for you.  But you do know, regardless of watching the last few episodes, that it is not only a violent but lurid TV show that is not fit for anyone under the...

White Walker Mask

An Ultra Real GOT White Walker Mask You Need to See

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GOT, as in Game Of Thrones, just wrapped their third season.  If you watch the show then I know you’re already pining for more.  Unfortunately, you’ll likely have to wait 12-months to once again witness what might be the most deborturous and entertaining show on TV.  Until then you can pick...


Game of Thrones Review (PlayStation 3)


When George R. R. Martin started writing the novels for “A Song of Ice and Fire” he started something truly magical.  I have read every book, and watched the show on HBO (a very good rendition even if they do take a few liberties with the source material) – so...