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20 of the Most Popular Video Game Consoles


What is the most popular video game console? We’ll let you decide! Well, we’ll look at the most popular game consoles by overall sales, but we will also let you decide based on nostalgia and preference, so take a look through our list and remember how those controllers felt in...


2012 Holiday Gift Guide: PlayStation 3


Console Bundles 250GB Family Entertainment Bundle (Amazon Exclusive) While searching for proper bundles, two major thoughts occurred to us. First, the PS3 is in many ways the preferred game console for media center use whether you use physical media (Blu-ray/DVD) or not for one reason: it’s free to access all...


Best 10 Deals for the Week: September 19th (list)


This week has left us with savings on many different fronts. From TVs to digital cameras and even smartphones and speaker equipment there is something there for everyone. Here’s some of the ones that are still alive and stood out in the pack: 10. Altec Lansing M812 WIreless Speaker Dock...


Japan Gets A White Slim PS3, Get Jealous Now


When Sony first announced the new Slim PS3, I liked the size but didn’t really dig the matte finish. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this new White Slim PS3, model CECH-2500, was coming out with a 160GB HDD. Until I read that it was Japan only. Bummer....


Ultimate Nerddom Lies In The Dr. Who Tardis MAME Console


The BBC’s long-running Dr. Who series is one of the biggest hallmarks of sci-fi TV ever, and just like Star Wars or Star Trek, it has legions of devoted fans. Fans like the guy who created a fully working Tardis MAME Console that’s a 3/4ths scale replica of the time...


The RetroN 3 Plays NES, SNES & Genesis Games


If you weren’t aware, the license for manufacturing NES, Genesis, and SNES consoles has been open for a few years now, so we’ve seen a bunch of third-party manufacturers come up with their own takes on those classic game systems. This one, the RetroN 3, manages to combine all three. It...


Gadget Leak: Lime Colored PSP

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Tasty!  The Lime colored PSP, which may or may not make it to market, was captured at a Sony factory in China.  Is it me or is Sony trying to ride the ‘rainbow’? [via TechTicker] Read...


Nintendo DSi Gets Dissected


Usually when a writer gets their hands on a gadget that means they’re settling in for a review.  Not so for the folks at iFixit.  The Nintendo DSi has only been available in the US for a few days and they’ve already managed to tear it down piece-by-piece and dissect...


Super Nintoaster: A Super Nintendo Toaster (video)


Sure, there's no utilitarian purpose for jamming a Super Nintendo into a toaster case, but based on my experience every great video game system deserves a new skin. There isn't too much to talk about, but of note the construction looks super seamless, the slider button works as a...