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Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Rumor Surfaces With Some Specs (update)


Update: Checkout the full details on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2, now called Galaxy Tab 10.1. Well, lookie, lookie. ¬†We just got done with our Samsung Galaxy Tablet review and now it looks like the company will release, or announce, a successor to the device as early as this Sunday at...

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review


[Rating: 4/5] Pros: 7″ design is excellent, a great form factor for tablets Hardware, software and data is fast as can be Excellent battery life Cons: Android OS currently has no benefits for tablets; makes it a glorified smartphone Proprietary connector makes it feel like an iPad, but without any...

Galaxy Tab Browser

First Look: Samsung Galaxy Tablet (update)


[GR]IOL74OKyFrY[/GR] Update: Check out our Samsung Galaxy Tablet review. It’s the year of the tablet. There’s no doubt about it. After CES and the horde of tablet announcements, netbooks can kiss their collective asses goodbye. There’s a new low-end computing device in town. Though realistically, we’ve had multi-touch tablets for...