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USB Beer Can Humidifier By Green House


Anybody looking for weird and obscure USB gadgets this holiday season may want to check this out.   It’s a mini-USB humidifier that’s shaped like some weird Japanese beer can.  When those long stints at your computer leave you exceptionally dry, this may be the perfect solution. Using this mini-humidifier is...


Elijah Wood Believes Our Gadgets Will Kill Us All


You’ve got to hand it to Elijah Wood for just plain old dramatic tension, folks–the man’s convinced that, someday, our gadgets will destroy humanity. Here’s what he had to say about the Blackberry Uprising: ‘It’s madness. If it gets out of control and if it’s used for the wrong reasons...


America: Land of the (Gadget) Geek


Congratulations, folks–America is now officially the Land of the Geek.  We’re a nation of total gadget addicts, or so says a study from Forrester Research.  Here are some highlights from said study, which surveyed 53,668 households in the United States and Canada by mail: Half are gamers. Sixty-three percent have...