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Gadget Concept: Mac vs. PC Chess Set


Driving stick and learning how to play chess are two things that I never learned to do.  Checkers and automatic were the farthest I got.  At any rate, this concept comes from designer Adam Frederick and as you can see from the picture it’s a chess board pitting eternal rivals...


Gadget Concept: Star Trek Record Player


Liking Sci-Fi is one thing, but being a gushing Trekkie is a totally separate thing.  And when auto spell thinks Trekkie is a correctly spelled word I know I’m tip toeing through sacred lands.  How devout of a Trekkie would you have to be to buy a Star Trek Record...


Gadget Concept: Glastonbury Solar Tent From Orange


Heralded as the “tent of the future”, this concept tent from UK company Orange will have you camping out just to buy one.  The Glastonbury Solar Tent is made from a photovoltaic fabric that has special solar threads woven in so you’ll never be without power for your GPS device...