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Component Bed

Customize Your Sleep On The Component Bed (video)

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Customize the way you sleep with the Component Bed that allows you to create any bed, any night. A good night’s sleep is important for your health and well being and now you can truly customize the experience with the Component Bed that allows users the chance to change their...


MyWorld Lounge System is Gadget Friendly


Philippe Starck has created a very gadget friendly lounge system with the “MyWorld” designed for Cassina. The french designer has crafted a simple but high-tech design for those who love comfort and their gadgets. The modular lounge system invites the user to be both relaxed and still remain connected to...


Hotello Offers a Portable Room In A Trunk


Always carry a room around with the Hotello designed by Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi. You’ll always have a space to sleep with this portable space around since it contains all the necessary elements that make up a minimal room. The trunk’s contents include: a desk, lamp, stool, shelf...

Ozzio's Magic T100 Convertible Table

Ozzio’s Magic T100 Convertible Table


For those who live in small apartments, space can be very precious. Too much furniture makes a space look way too crowded, ¬†which is where the need for convertible furniture comes in. Enter Ozzio’s Magic T100¬†Convertible Table that’s actually made to be a space (and life) saver. The versatile and...

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Gesture Chair Inspired By Movement of Your Body (video)


Steelcase’s Gesture Chair is the first one designed to support humans’ interactions with today’s technologies and is inspired by the movement of your body, but crafted for the way you work today. Steelcase did a global posture study in 11 countries, observing 2000 people in a wide range of postures,...