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Durex Performa Pillow Cases Make a Solid Companion


A frolic in the bedroom can quickly become a disappointment if you can’t maintain, for lack of better words, your solitude for a long period of time. While this campaign is more than 3 years old, Durex distributed pillow cases printed with fugley females as a complement to their Performa condoms, which contain...


30 of the Funniest Siri Responses (list)


Apple’s new iPhone 4S wasn’t the iPhone 5 everybody wanted, but it was still packed with loads of cool upgrades and new features. The biggest being Siri, a speech recognition personal assistant that’s not an app, but an actual computer program built into the phone.  It has both speech input and...


Apple’s New Friend Bar Helps Nerds Feel Special (video)


The Onion News has an exclusive scoop on Apple’s latest retail creation, the Friend Bar. The Friend Bar is specially designed to help frustrated friends and partners who tire of hearing the latest Apple or gadget blog news over and over. Check out the video to see the scoop for...


Beer-Fetching Robot Solves Man’s Biggest Problem (video)


When it comes to technology, robots doing things for us lazy humans is always a plus, and while we’ve seen beer fetching robots before, none are as efficient as the PR2. Its creators, Willow Garage, taught it to play pool, and now they’ve designed a web interface to select specific...

Futurama Holds A Mirror Up To Our Fanboy Souls (video)


Let me first say that the fact that “Futurama” is back on the air is awesome, and a beacon of hope in this dismal summer TV season. Last night’s episode was hilarious, parodying Apple fanboys in a way that might hit close to home for a lot of our readers....

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