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fireworks gun

The Roman Candle Gun Is The Most Patriotic Of Weapons


Every year, Americans gather together and celebrate the freedom of our nation by blowing up large chunks of it with low-grade explosives full of dangerous chemicals that turn fire into pretty colors. Really, it’s what patriotic Americans do. But real Americans don’t stop there; real Americans engineer them into Gatling-like...

shit people say

Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say vs. Sh*t Android Fanatics Say (video)


[GR]FFhjDX-DUew[/GR] [GR]7huae767Rxg[/GR] Are you an Apple Fan or an Android Fan?  Honestly, our belief is that you should pledge an allegiance to whatever tech makes you most happy and causes you the least amount of problems.  That in mind, don’t chastise others for simply not signing an allegiance to your OS of...