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Powertrekk Hydrogen Charger


Ideally hydrogen would power our homes, our cars and just about anything that creates a signicant carbon footprint.  A few years ago Honda hit the market with a Hydrogen car, dubbed the FCX Clarity, but it was a losing proposition for the company and a six figure endeavor for any...


Toshiba Dynario: The First Ever Fuel Cell Gadget Charger


I’m stunned to be able to even discuss this, but apparently, Toshiba’s Dynario actually represents the first ever fuel-cell gadget charger. If you take a fuel cell filled with methanol and ambient oxygen, and inject it into a charger package about the size of your palm, the combination of methanol...


F-Cell Roadster: A Wagon Wheel Fuel Cell Concept Car Mashup


How many automotive design students does it take to build a wagon wheeled fuel cell powered car?  150.  I don’t really get it, but since it juxtaposes 19th century technology against a Formula F1 racing body it’s worth mentioning, right?  Practicality aside – better yet, impracticality aside, the Mercedes Benz...


MTI Micro Unveils The Mobion, A Methanol Based Gadget Charger


External battery back ups are great and all, but they really don’t resolve the hassle of carrying around too many gadgets. Nonetheless, yet another company, MTI Micro, has plans to release yet another external battery for charging your ‘3.4’ devices (that number is according to their press release). The Mobion...