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Sonos Studio (Canon)-016

Sonos Listening Studio Tour (pics)


So today I had the luxury of stopping into the Sonos Listening Studio.  It recently opened its doors and plans to stay that way for the next 2-years.  So if you’re in the LA area, head on over and checkout their full line of wireless speakers, including their just released...

Free Google WiFi

Google Holiday Gift: Free In-Flight WiFi

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Tis is the season to give and Google shall do so once again by providing Free in-flight WiFi to all, regardless of if your naughty or nice.  You’ll need to fly AirTran Airways, Delta, or Virgin America to score the deal, and no, you can’t stream porn and it’s domestic...


Starbucks To Offer Free WiFi Starting July 1st


Starbucks tweeted today that they’re going to be offering free WiFi to customers at all US locations starting July 1st. Not exactly a gadget news, but I figure that enough of our readers visit Starbucks with their iPhone, laptop, iPad, etc. that the news would prove beneficial to them. You...