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Double Barrel Marshmallow Gun

Double Barrel Marshmallow Gun


What’s better than the single barreled marshmallow shotgun?  A double barreled one, duh.  This pump action toy can individually blast the sugary goodness up to 30 feet in distance, while each barrel accommodates up to 20 mini-marshmallows. Hammacher sells it for $39.95. Read...


Behold, The Portable Watermelon Cooler


The Japanese continue a long history of baffling gadgets with their latest effort, the Portable Watermelon Cooler. It’s from a company called Joybond, and is actually capable of both cooling and heating the watermelon. You could use the device for other objects too — food and beer, mostly — but...


Chicken Burger USB Hub


Stupid product of the week definitely goes to this Chicken Burger USB Hub.  I really have nothing against Chicken Burgers and in fact, I love everything they represent.  The thing is, I’d never want to temp myself by having some chicken burger replica sitting by my computer staring me in...

Steve Jobs Cheese Bust

Obsessed Apple Fan Makes Steve Jobs Cheese Head


How do you prove your overwhelming obsession with all things Apple?  Simple, you make a bust of Steve Jobs’ head out of cheese.  But that’s not the most disturbing recipe.  Place it in a vat, melt it down, and you’ve got Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme. Read...

iPhone Sausage Stylus

Sausage iPhone Stylus Smears Screen With Stupidity


Oh the inspiration for products.  Sure, there are justifiable times for those ‘oh yeah’ moments, but there is no rationalizing the iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus from Case Crown. Last month the blogosphere blew up with news that folks in Korea were using real edible sausages to control their iPhones so...


Dog-E-Minder Review


The Dog-E-Minder is a LCD collar attachment that easily displays when your dog has most recently been walked, fed, and given his or her medication.  Really easy to use, the Dog-E-Minder is an essential and affordable way for large families to deal with (multiple) pets....

Swivel Car Tray

Swivel Car Tray With Articulating Arm


The Swivel Car tray is just what I need when I hit the drive-thru at McDonalds at 2am.  It inserts into any standard sized cup holder and can rotate as well as swivel up and down providing you or your passenger with tray support for your Big Mac and two...


Dog-E-Minder Digital Reminder Gadget (video)

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For busy pet owners and multiple pet households, the Dog-E-Minder is a quick one touch device that records vital information about your pet.  Lightweight, durable and waterproof, with one touch of a button you can see the last time your dog was fed, walked, or received medication. From the picture...

Morphy Richards Intellisteam

Morphy Richards Intellisteam 3-Way Food Steamer


Over Thanksgiving I enjoyed my first small pile of steamed crawfish.  Other than that I don’t ever eat steamed food.  The Morphy Richards Intellisteam 3-Way Food Steamer is a great way to introduce yourself to the realm of healthier cooking....