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The Proscan Claims To Be Able To Scan Your Food


Not unreasonably, most of us want to know, as much as possible, what we’re putting in our bodies. However, doing so with any precision is beyond the capabilities of most of us. Which is where, in theory, the Proscan comes into play. Scan This The Proscam claims that all you...

Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System

Modular Set of Slow Cookers Need Only One Outlet


With Thanksgiving tomorrow, you’re going so so wish you had this modular set of Crock-Pot that can be daisy-chained together so that they only require one outlet to keep everything warm. You’ll soon realize that tomorrow your kitchen counter will probably overran with Crock-Pots that all need their own outlet so...


MAID Oven Is The Perfect Kitchen Assistant


If you’re looking for a little extra help in the kitchen or want to improve your culinary skills, the MAID Oven is exactly what you need! Although you’ll still have to mix all the ingredients, the kitchen assistant will provide you step-by-step tutorials on how to make delicious dishes and...


Aromafork Makes Food More Delicious


Our tastebuds can only recognize five flavors – sweet, sour, salt, biter and umami – but our nose can detect up to a trillion different smells. The Aromafork by Molecule-R wants to include your nose when you eat, making your brain work double to perceive both aromas and tastes to heighten...


iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Review


’m far from being a good cook, but back in my early bachelor days I did more than just eat cereal and Mac ’n Cheese. There were actual times when I made the effort to cook real food — steaks and other meats for example. That my efforts were less...


Know What’s In Your Food With TellSpec (video)


These days, it’s really hard to know what’s in your food. There’s so many chemicals and additives that make their way into our foods that knowing what you’re truly eating might just scare you. But still, it would be nice to know what you’re eating, which is where TellSpec comes...


Brewbot Lets You Brew Beer Automatically


Brewing beer is, for obvious reasons, a popular thing to do. It’s also a surprisingly difficult thing to do in some respects; brewing beer, it turns out, requires some of the toughest and most exacting food science many of us will ever attempt. Fortunately, this being science, there are tools...

Nerd Wedding Cakes

20 Outrageous Wedding Cakes That Are Geeky Sweet


The wedding season is almost over. Almost. But people, and nerds, get married year-round, so, if you’re looking for a wedding inspiration, here are some of the nerdiest, geekiest cakes we could find, from pop cultural tributes to technological wonders. 1. Star Destroyer Personally, we would have gone with the...


3D Printed Sugar Is Inedelible, Edible Art


3D printing is enormously popular right now, mostly because it means you can manufacture anything you want in your house, as long as it’s made of plastic. But new materials are being pioneered all the time, from metal to wood, and now… sugar. The process started as an attempt to...