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Solar Keyboard Folio Keyboard View

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

Logitech’s Solar Keyboard Folio protests your iPad while powering its built-in Bluetooth keyboard by light—both low light and lamp light, indoors and out. According to Logitech, when full powered, you can type on it for two years, even in complete darkness. The new Solar Keyboard Folio works with all iPad...

Trexta iPhone Wallet

Trexta Rotating Folio iPhone Wallet

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If you thought the HEX Wallet for the iPhone 4 was slick, then check out Trexta’s version. In terms of form factor it’s very comparable to that of the HEX Code Wallet; it holds two credit card and stays shut thanks to a strap.  However, their version seems to address...


Griffin Intellicase: Folio iPad Case with Smartcover


Striving for perfection, while impossible, should always be the goal at hand.  And if any iPad 2 case is gonna come close to that, it’s probably gotta be Griffin’s IntelliCase.  The case is designed to protect both the back and front of the tablet, all the while incorporating a smart...

Booq Folio iPad Case

Booq iPad Trapper Keeper Case

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Oh the 90s and how I don’t miss them.  But if you do and own an iPad here is a throw back: the Boa Folio iPad case.  In short order it’s like a trapper keeper, hence my 90s remark. The front has an iPhone pocket, while the case itself provides...