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AutoCon FM Transmitter + Car Charger Gets Iffy Scores

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The FM Transmitter + Car Charger from AutoCon retails for $45 and is as stylish an iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible device as they come. That’s on the plus side. But from there on, it’s all a bunch of semi-negatives, starting with the multi-touch display, which is indeed a touchscreen,...


Gadget Rumor: iPhone To Receive FM Transmitter


According to a bootscript found in the iPhone 3.0 software update, the next iteration of the iPhone, and even perhaps the 3G iPhone, will include an FM transmitter for wirelessly sending music to your car’s radio.  The added functionality also hints at the possibility of FM traffic updates and possibly...


Gadget Review: Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus


When the Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus arrived at my doorstep it dawned on me. People are still using FM transmission! Aww man, I'm lucky I never had to deal with any of that as I went from a Mini-Disc car set up (laugh all you want, I...