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A Daredevil In A Wingsuit Buzzed The Ground


Wingsuits, as we’ve mentioned before, are just awesome. But they’re also incredibly dangerous and should only be used by experts who are trained in safety and proper use. Of course, once you do that, you can screw around all you want, like Brian Drake. Wingsuits For Glory This starts in...

Jet Airways First Class

Jet Airways First Class Cabin is An Actual Room (video)


[GR]buf9jn7MlHE[/GR] Traveling first class on Emirates Airlines A380 will set you back a pretty penny.  But for that cash you’ll receive nothing short of the most luxurious flying experience one can buy.  Well, there are always private jets, and if you happen to be one of the richest men in...

Duck Hunter Launch N Load

Duck Hunter Launch and Load Review


When was the last time a toy made you laugh uncontrollably…and I don’t mean imitating Tickle Me Elmo? Or when was the last time you engaged in the mainly sport of duck hunting? For those afraid that Dick Chaney might be lurking around, Interactive Toy’s Duck Hunter Launch and Load...

Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft


Turns out that Flying Hovercraft we saw a few years ago was a steal at $27,000.  Granted, it was home made and didn’t have any regulatory safety ratings, if that’s what you could call them.  So that said, we’d probably pay a significant premium for the added benefit of what is generally...


Multicopter: A Manned Quadricopter Times Four (video)


[GR]L75ESD9PBOw[/GR] Strap a yoga ball to 16 horizontally rotating propellers and apparently you can claim a world’s first.   German aircraft company E-Volo slapped together something they’re calling a Multicopter and recently they achieved the first manned flight that lasted about 90 seconds. If the prototype looks familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen a variety...




If you’ve fallen asleep at the airport, waiting for your plane to be de-iced or your layover to connect, then you know how uncomfortable the experience can be. And by uncomfortable we mean back wrenching, not to mention the fact that you gotta be extra vigilante about your laptop and...

Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft, For Realz (video)


Screw cars, screw hover crafts, I want the Wing in Ground flying hovercraft.  Invented by Rudy Heeman of Nelson, New Zealand it took him 10+ years to build the water/flight vehicle in his garage.  He used a variety of parts from all sorts of junked vehicles including a 1.8l Subaru...

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