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Kingii Puts Water Safety On Your Wrist


If you go swimming, fishing, boating, or just go anywhere near the water, you’re probably sick of hearing about proper safety procedures. You’re probably sick of strapping safety equipment to yourself whenever the water gets above the arch of your foot. And you’re probably sick of hearing about how this...

floating ramp 2

Watch Bob Burnquist Grind A Floating Skateboard Ramp (Video)


One of the fascinating things about the Internet is how it’s made stunts more possible. Before, building a floating skateboard ramp would have been a ridiculous proposition, because nobody would hear about it. Now? Now everyone can, so it actually gets built. Skate Or… Drown? Bob Burnquist was challenged to...


12 Awesome Magnetic Levitation Thingies that You’ve Got To See (video)


Who isn’t mesmerized by floating thingies? Better yet, what self-proclaimed geek doesn’t want some kind of magnetic levitating gadget to call their own, or see a small amphibian inserted into an extremely powerful magnetic field? We’ve scoured the web and found 12 of the most worthy magnetic levitation projects ever...

Witbit Sports Park 60

Sports Park 60: Bring Home Your Own Water Park


Oh to be rich.  It must be tough, right?  If it isn’t the Rolls breaking down, it’s the Crestron system on the fritz.  And if the case is such, you simply won’t be able to escape the confines of your mansion, let alone control your home’s electronic systems from a...

Floating Book Ends

Floating Book Ends


Every bookshelf needs a little pizzaz, right?  These bookend creates the illusion of two floating arrows that press the books together.  In actual fact a metal holder is hidden inside each book placed at the end of the stack that attracts the arrows magnetic tip.  $35 will score you a...

Floating Chair

A Real Deal Levitating Chair (video)


Wheels, that’s so last year.  A research team at Japan’s Kobe Gakuin University have invented a wheel chair, or perhaps just a chair, that floats on a small cushion of air, sort of like a hovercraft, in fact just like a hovercraft.  A few problems, though: it can only carry...

Pomme Bathrub Speaker

Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker


Taking the message in a bottle concept and adapting it to a music in a bathtub type scenario, the Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker will help your tunes float by when taking a hot and steamy…bath.  Strictly Japanese at this point, the Bath Speaker is available in 3 different...


Inflatable LapTop Desk By Lilo


At first glance you’d totally think that this inflatable laptop desk was developed for poolside use.  Not so much.  Probably the most portable laptop pillow accessory around, all you do is blow it up and you’re good to go.  My source had stated that the air inside would keep your...

Floating Beer Holder

Magnetic Floating Beer Holder, Yes It’s Real


70-inch flat screen still not impressing your friends?  Try out the Magentic Floating Revolving 18-LED Beer Display.  Using the magic of magnets this device will actually suspend your beer of choice, or any metal capped beverage that doesn’t weigh more than 580g, in mid air.  And if that isn’t enough...