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Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review (video)


Two holidays ago Google was kind enough to hook me up with a Flip Mino camcorder.  It shot what appeared to be less than VGA quality video and transferring the footage from camera to my Mac was near to impossible.  Since then Flip has improved their game and now makes...


Gadget Porn: Flip Ultra HD Unboxing


Flip just sent over their Ultra HD and here is the unboxing.  I’m gonna make it a point to do more of these.  I couldn’t help but notice that their packaging was very iPhone like, which by all acounts is a good thing.  Expect a full review in the next...


Motorola Runs The Faucet, Leaks i9 Flip Phone


Motorola has slipped out some pics of the soon to be released i9. There's really not much to ogle here, but it'll probably be a winner with Moms, Dads and the less tech savvy who want a semi-slick flip phone with some of the features found in higher end...


Flip Video HD Mino, World’s Smallest HD Camcorder!


San Francisco based Pure Digital, the makers of the wildly popular Flip Video Mino Camcorders announced today that they are releasing the smallest HD camcorder known to earth, the HD Mino. Boasting a weight of only 3 ounces, the HD Mino will have a storage capacity of 4 Gigs, roughly...


Customize Your Flip Video Mino!


Flip Video Mino by Pure Digital Technologies out of San Francisco announced today a new service that allows customers to fully customize their new camcorder. Sweet! Boasting large sales figures after just a year on the market, Flip Video aims to capitalize on what is becoming the largest trend in...

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