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GoBe Modular Flashlight Is An All In One Solution


We all own a variety of flashlights. They just kind of… collect, as Christmas gifts, hardware store purchases, and other sources seem to conspire to give you as many flashlights as possible. But Light & Motion has a solution; a flashlight that can be anything you want, provided you swap...

GorillaTorch Blade

GorillaTorch Blade Tactical Flashlight


Once again Joby is at it again.  This time they’ve launch a new flash light called the GorillaTorch Blade.  Sounds badass, don’t it? They’re billing it as a tactical flashlight, which conjures up images of Navy Seals breaching a beach.  Close but no cigar.  The Blade uses a CREE XLamp...

Magic Bulb Flash Light

LED Bulb Doubles As A FlashLight


This handy device was shown off at this year’s IFA by a Chinese company called Magic Bulb.  It uses an LED bulb that consumes just 4 watts of power, but produces the equivalent light of a 50 watts incandescent bulb.  But that’s not the best part.  The bulb contains a...

BunBun Eco Light

Swing The BunBun Eco Light Around To Recharge It


Wind up flash lights are pretty old news. The BunBun Eco Light, however, puts a new spin on the old tech. Instead of requiring a separate crank for winding and charging, the light features a hidden handle that can be pulled apart from the base and used to spin the...


Gadget Review: Swann Surveillance Flashlight DVR


If you routinely poke around dark areas and need to take pictures of what you see (such as a home inspector peeking underneath a house), you could use a camera and carry a flashlight. However, carrying two items can be clumsy, so as a simpler alternative, you could carry Swann...