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Multi-Card SIM Reader Is USB Thumb Drive Convenient


Holy flash drive of goodness. The Multi-Card SIM reader can pull your best kept secrets (or numbers) off your SIM card, microSD or Memorty Stick card all via USB 2.0. They've included a 'Sim Editor' and LED activity light for your convenience, but it doesn't look like it...


Duracell Gets In On The Flash Memory Biz


When you checkout at at grocery stores there’s a few impulse items strategically placed at an arms length.  If you ever take notice, one of those items are usually batteries.  Duracell, the Cooper Top battery maker is looking to expand their product breadth and will begin offering Flash Drives to...


ToughDrive Camo, A Rugged USB Flash Drive Review


Flash drives are convenient for transferring data between computers, but too often, most flash drives are too fragile to survive the bumps and bruises of being carried in a pocket or purse. Inevitably, people drop their flash drives on the ground and step on it or leave it in their...


Silver Bullet USB Drives Offer Remote Managment


Emails can be retracted, although it rarely works, but what about physical media? Hand a sensitive file to the wrong employee and you might find yourself starring at the wrong end of a pink slip. Silver Bullet’s USB drives, and service, are unlike any other flash drive. Each drive, or...