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Resident Evil 5 USB Chainsaw Flash Drive


I guess it wasn’t good enough for Resident Evil 5 to have their own limited edition Xbox 360, they’ve now gone and launched a foreign bundle that includes a mini USB chainsaw flash drive that can store up to 2GB of bloody carnage…or your home work, which ever you prefer....


Crap Gadget: Sponge Bob Flash Drive


It’s pretty disturbing how popular Sponge Bob Square Pants has become.  In fact, the show itself is pretty disturbing and includes jokes best suited for a 18 year old, not a 5 year old.  Rant aside, a company called Memorette will launch a Sponge Bob USB storage drive.  Based on...


God Father USB Flash Drive, Just Because


The Bruce Lee Nokia N96 just wouldn't be complete without the addition of the Godfather USB drive. The Flash Drives will comes in 1GB to 8GB sizes, include still pictures and quotes from the movies, and come finished with either Brando's profile or logo of the movie....

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