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Porsche Panamera USB Stick

Porsche Panamera Shaped USB Flash Drive


Aesthetically Porsche’s newest vehicle, the Panamera, is a nightmare and if any thing just reaffirms Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion of brand’s design team – it’s not a positive one.  But for those of you that purchased the 4 door sedan you might receive a little thank you gift that is far...


Never Lose A Gadget Again With Ardi Technology Mini-Trackers


We all know firsthand the pain of a lost gadget. That frantic searching, that desperate retracing of the steps, that final sinking horror to realize that, despite all your efforts, you’re going to have to shell out two hundred bucks for a new iPod and your old one worked just...


Grenade Flash Drive For Blowing Up Your Data


Grenades by their very nature tend to pose a threat, but anything shaped like a grenade, but isn’t actually a grenade is an immediate draw to us none military folks.  What might be the perfect complement to the Grenade Alarm Clock, the Hand Grenade USB Flash Drive is available in...


A Custom Made Luke Skywalker USB Flash Drive


The custom made Luke Skywalker USB flash drive is totally cool and all, but it looks like he underwent a little more than the Vader’s saber.  It’s as if he was pinned to a 10 year old’s birthday cake who took 2 minutes too long to blow out the candles. ...