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G.I. Joe USB Flash Drives from Mimobot (pics)


The 80s were a time for imagination.  Sure, the NES arrived in 1984, but that didn’t stop us from running around outside or playing with actual physical toys.  It was a magical time that kids today will unfortunately never have the luxury of experiencing.  If you’re one of these kids,...

Bane and Batman Flash Drives

Dark Knight Rises and BANE Flash Drives Arrive (video)


USB flash drives are generally square, boring, plastic pieces of kit.  Those with fingerprint readers add a ton more security, while others slide out from a sheath increasing the drive’s durability.  However, we’d rather use MIMOBOT’s drives, which to this day have come in a variety of flavors, though we’ve seen...

LEGO USB Flash Drive

LEGO Flash Drive Now Official, Yes It’s A First


A flash drive is a flash drive, right?  Well, maybe not if you’re a massive LEGO fan.  Today, the toy company released the first, yes first official LEGO USB flash drive.  It can store up to 2GB of data and includes a built-in key chain ring. Apparently LEGO anticipates that...

Lacie Moskeyto and Writecard

Lacie MosKeyto And WriteCard Do Tiny Storage, Funny Names


Lacie is all about small these days.  Case in point is their latest batch of products, the WriteCard and MosKeyto.  The WriteCard is designed to fit in your wallet (not mine) and includes a water/scratch resistant 4/8/16GB flash drive (you choose one).  There is also a notepad and pen included...


The FleshDrive Brings You Adult Entertainment On The Go


Finally, a marriage of two of the biggest industries out there, the tech industry and the adult one, has arrived with the FleshDrive. The FleshDrive is a USB drive preloaded with 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB of adult entertainment videos, starting at just $39.95. Their website, which I won’t be linking...


Show Your Inner Punk With The Doc Martens USB Drive


Well known by punks and other anti-authority figures, Doctor Marten’s Boots (or Doc Martens for short) have been fashion staples for decades. Now, thhe company is celebrating their 50th anniverary with this limited edition USB Drive. It’s got 2GB of storage (and a lot of attitude), and will set you...