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Keyport Slide 2.0 main

Keyport Slide 2.0 Review


ity the poor keychain — neglected, ignored and unloved. But what is a keychain today other than just a mechanism designed to scratch the smartphone sharing the same pocket? So that’s where the Keyport Slide 2.0 differs: it’s a modern means for carrying and accessing keys as well as 21st...


D-Link DIR-506L Shareport Go Mobile Review


There’s two distinct problems with mobile devices. The first is storage — solid-state memory is a useful addition but it never reaches the bulk found in even a small hard drive. The second problem deals with the built-in wireless technology: it requires a strong signal if streaming video is not...

Hans Solo Carbonite Carrying Case Small

Hans Solo Flash Drive with Carbonite Carrying Case


You probably thought that those Star Wars flash drives from MIMOBOT couldn’t get any better, right?  Well, you’re not gonna believe it, but they just did, at least in terms of the Hans Solo version. They’ve reissued the storage device in a new version that now includes a Carbonite carrying...

Victorinox Slim USB Flash Drive

Victorinox Swiss Army USB Flash Drives


We don’t exactly get excited by flash storage.  But, for Victorinox’s latest USB flash drives we’re willing to make an exception.  They come in two flavors, Slim and Slim Duo, and store a varying capacity that ranges from 4GB to 128GB – the latter is for the Duo, which we...

Infinite USB Memory Device-1

The Infinite USB Memory Device Does Exist

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Tell me something is infinite and I’ll laugh in your face.  Looks like I won’t be having the last laugh, Infinitec will. They’re set to release something called the Infinite USB Memory Device (IUM).  Sounds impossible I know, but read on and you’ll get it. In short order it’s a...


FlashHarp USB Drive Harmonica


As the list of creative USB flash drive hits beyond endless, this is the first tried and true instrument I’m seeing as a storage device.  Measuring in at a tiny 3 1/4″, you can even get one preloaded with a QuickTime instructional video to help you play it. Handmade in...