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Ear-O-Smart Is The First Smart Earring


We have a lot of smart stuff on our wrists, these days. Smart watches, bracelets that tells us when we have texts, and a whole host of other tools. But what about our ears? Could we use a smart earring? At least one person thinks that we could, and they’re...


Sony SmartWear Adds Two New Watches


The smartwatch industry is, to be frank, not something I’m entirely sold on. There’s definitely a market; the enormously successful Pebble demonstrated that a while back. The question is how big that market is. Sony, at least, is convinced the smartwatch market will be huge, so much so that it’s...


Push Is The First Fitness Tracker To Track Your Strength


Fitness trackers are pretty popular; strap some sensors to your wrist or ankle, fire up the app, and you can find out how many steps you take and how many calories you’re burning. But there is a pretty crucial missing piece of that equation: Strength. Push is an attempt to...


Sensoria Smart Sock Is A Fitness Tracker On Your Foot


Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. Fuelbands are on every wrist, smartphones are coming with more and more biometric sensors, and generally there’s just more data than ever about how you’re running, walking, lifting, sleeping and eating. But if you’re not into wristbands, or just have too much...