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OMSignal’s Biometric Shirt Makes Fitness Bands Obsolete


The next evolution of smart fitness is already moving wearables into – well, stuff we actually wear. Gone will be the awkward fitness bands and sensors, and all you’ll need is to pull on something like the OMSignal biometric shirt. Instead of limiting the sensors to a band, OMSignal has...


Jawbone’s Affordable Sensor is the Perfect Fitness Gift


When Jawbone recently announced the fitness band Up3, you may have noticed the $180 price tag was a bit steep for Jawbone – and more casual fitness fans. Well, Jawbone seems to agree, because it’s following up that announcement with a second new product, the much more affordable Up Move....


Jawbone Up3 Upgrades the Fitness Band


As one of the old guard in the fitness tech market, Jawbone has had plenty of time to gauge what products the people want: Their latest product, the Up3, shows that Jawbone is definitely working to keep up with the times – without making things too pricey. Calling it the...

Garmin iPhone ANT

Garmin Fit App and ANT+ Adapter for the iPhone


Garmin is the undisputed king of fitness tracking.  Their Garmin Connect service lets you post your times, speed, route and more to the web and share it with other fitness fanatics.  But you’ll need one of their many Forerunner devices to take advantage of the services, that is until today....