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Decibullz: Affordable Earbuds Molded for You


Recreational earphones have one long-suffered issue: No matter how many hooks, loops, sizes and angles the earbuds use, they tend to eventually jostle out when running or working out. The problem is that everyone’s ears are different in size and shape – there’s simply no such thing as “one size...

PulseOn heart rate monitor

PulseOn Redefines The Heart Monitor (video)


Get the most from your training without the uncomfortableness of bulky chest belts with the PulseOn heart monitor that accurately and reliably measures everything from your rest.  Thanks to its proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology and sophisticated algorithms, you’ll be able to analyze your hear rate in a wide...


FreeWavz Wireless Earphones Tracks Your Fitness


Forget about having to buy a smartwatch or some fitness tracking device to monitor your stats when you workout! Instead, the FreeWavz Wireless Earphones will do it AND let you listen to your favorite tunes so that you’re pumped up for your workout. The Kickstarter campaign is currently looking to...


Now You Can Make A Liver In A 3D Printer


The liver is essentially the body’s toxins filter. It’s why getting any sort of liver problem is seriously bad news; if the toxins start backing up, well, that’s not usually good for the rest of your body. Oh, and a replacement is hard to find, as a rule. But what...

nike+ fuel lab

Nike+ Fuel Lab Opens In San Francisco


Nike is expanding its NikeFuel platform to include other industry-leading fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Strava and have just opened their Nike+ Fuel Lab in San Francisco, CA – the new hub of everything Nike+. By integrating NikeFuel into new products like the aforementioned, Nike hopes to reach more than...

wilson_smart_basketball-2 copy

4 Features Of Wilson’s Upcoming Smart Basketball (list/video)

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Wilson isn’t divulging much about its upcoming Smart Basketball device, just a few tidbits on their website. The basketball shot tracker is supposed to help wannabe NBA players, street court mavericks and general basketball enthusiasts improve their shot while also analyzing vital performance stats to help improve their game. Technical...