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Silencerco Somehow Silenced A Shotgun (video)


If we’ve learned one thing about firearms from video games, it’s that shotguns are loud. You aim, you pull the trigger, and KATHOOM! Well, maybe not “KATHOOM!,” but you know what we mean. It seems like something you couldn’t muffle… but somehow, Silencerco has pulled it off. Silence Is Dangerous...


The Gunbox Wants To Revolutionize The Gun Safe

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Firearms and gun control are one of the trickiest political arguments in modern America. Often lost in that argument, though, is that the vast majority of gun owners want both simple access to their guns if absolutely necessary, but also for their guns to be safely locked away to prevent...

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Dominion Magfed Shotgun Lets You Unload


The shotgun is a tried-and-true tool for zombie defense, fighting off graboids, and various other purposes, some of which might involve discharging shells at non-fantasy creatures, but where’s the fun in that? The Grizzly Magfed Shotgun, from Dominion Arms, is pretty much designed to cater to the dreams of everybody...

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3D Printed ‘Grizzly’ Rifle Explodes With One Shot


Oh, brother, here we go again. YouTube user ThreeDUkelele posted a video where he showed off his “Grizzly” 3D printed rifle. Unlike its namesake, the Grizzly is not rough, tough, and tumble. After one shot, the barrel split for two inches and it also wrecked the receiver. In other words,...

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Double Tap Handgun (video)


In “Zombie Land”, rule number 2 is the double tap. According to Jessie Eisenberg’s character it’s imperative that you implement this rule, otherwise a once dead zombie could lurch forward from his shallow grave and grab a chunk of leg meat. No more walks in the park for you. But...