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Dropbox Sharing

Now You Can Share ANY File in Dropbox by Right Clicking


Dropbox might be the simplest and easiest way to share photos and documents amongst friends and coworkers regardless of their smartphone or computer’s OS.  However, for a long long time, you’ve had to place a file in your public folder if you wanted to share it without providing specific user...

D-Link SharePort Pocket Router

D-Link SharePort Go II Pocket Router


Is that a router in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Oh, pardon my indiscretion! It is a router in your pocket, Mr. D-Link. That’s right, network chief D-Link launches the SharePort Go II pocket router/hotspot for “families, photographers and business travelers…” The SharPort Go II...


Dropbox App Comes To The iPhone


If you don’t have Dropbox I suggest you download it now.  I’m about 15 months into using the free file exchange service (up to 2GB, then you pay more) and it’s by far the cleanest and easiest to use.  It works by running in the background of your computer and...