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Tank Slipper Big

Tank Slippers Keep Feet Warm, Wars Won


Walking around your home is so pedestrian.  That’s why you need these Tank Slippers available at Etsy.  Actually, they’re not available at Etsy, at least not in their physical form.  For $7 you’ll be buying a PDF that “contains the instructions to make the slippers.”  Yes, it was too good...

Foot Subwoofer - 2

CES 2010: X Rocker Foot Subwoofer


There’s more than enough speakers to choose from at CES this year, but none are doing it like X Rocker‘s foot subwoofer.  Okay, so it’s a totally novel idea, but if you’re looking for an extra level of immersion vibration look no further.  We’re big fans of the oversized, glowing...