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Apple tv

New Apple TV FCC Filing Smaller Than 3rd Generation


The rumor mill is a churning again and in its muddle intrigue ferments like fine wine begging to be supped. This time what plummets down the grapevine are whispers from the house that Steve built. It seems Cupertino is gaining a new resident–but not a big one. Ye’ olde Apple...


FCC To Review New Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter


Microsoft has been selling the same wireless adapter for years now.  Having never used it due to the hefty price tag, we know have word that the FCC is reviewing a new one for the Xbox 360. Purportedly twice as fast as the original (raw data), the new wireless “N”...


HTC Snap FCC Filing Appears, Should Hit T-Mobile

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Looks like HTC’s Snap, which was just announced, will be coming to T-Mobile according to some recently discovered FCC docs.  Although the Snap isn’t specifically listed, you can see the product name MAPL100, which is long for ‘Maple’, the Snaps alternate/working name.  And how do we know it is coming...

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