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TAG-Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder Reinvents The Watch Movement


Watches have pretty much been the same since Christian Huygens invented the watch movement. While new ideas, like the bridge, have made watch movements easier to service, Huygens would still recognize his design in most modern watches. The TAG-Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder is, however, completely different. Girders And Lines The best...


Improve Your Belt… With Magnets!


Belts are a bit of a pain. They’re hard to adjust, and the technology hasn’t advanced since we decided ropes weren’t fashionable anymore. So, how can we bring the belt to the twenty-first century? With magnets! Magnabelt As you may have guessed, the Magnetic Belt uses, well, magnets to hold...


Casio Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches Can Take A Beating

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Casio’s G-Shock watches are noted for two things: Being about as rugged as a watch gets, and being pretty ugly. Sorry, Casio fans, but let’s face it, when you design something for practicality and to take excessive amounts of abuse, generally you have to put aesthetics last. But Casio has...


Everpurse Charges Your Phone While You Go About Your Day


We’ve all had phones die on us throughout the day. Most of us wind up carrying around a charger, or leaving them at certain key locations like our desk at work. Everpurse is hoping to change that by integrating a high-capacity battery and a fashion accessory. The concept itself is...

10-year hoodie

The 10-Year Hoodie is Backed for a Decade


Don’t fret whenever your favorite hoodie has seen it’s last days thanks to the 10-Year Hoodie that’s created by Jake Bronstein and currently a Kickstarter campaign.  The premium sweatshirt is designed for a lifetime and is guaranteed for 10 years and is backed with free mending, so your favorite hoodie...


Kenneth Cole Touchscreen Watch Is Sleek & Stylish


For the fashion-conscious readers out there, the Kenneth Cole Touchscreen watch is a great example of technology-influenced style. Its minimalist design features one button on its stainless steel case — the rest of the options are controlled by touch. On the screen, wearers can choose from 32 world clocks, and...