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6 of the “Coolest” Desktop Fans 2014 (list)


With summer practically knocking at our door, get ready for some insane temperatures! Yup, it’s about to get hot. But the heat isn’t always welcomed for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the summer months for its scorching temperatures, so we’ve compiled a list of the coolest desktop fans to help...


DewStop Helps Prevent Mold In Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are, of course, a vital necessity of modern life. Where else are you going to get some privacy to read these days? But, being as they’re home to a lot of condensation and moisture thanks to showers and the like, they also tend to be somewhat of a mold...

AC in a Can

Air Conditioning in a Spray Can (video)


[GR]cfHEJVJ-7Ag[/GR] Keeping cool during the summer months can come in all sorts of forms.  You’ve got your misting fans, your regular fans, your Dyson bladeless fans – you name it, there is an apparatus for just about any scenario.  Heck, there is even a cooling system built specifically to keep...

Dyson Colorware Air Multiplier

Dyson’s Air Multiplier Gets Colorwared (video)


Dyson is smart.  And so are the commercials that have been airing on TV for the last few years.   They make vacuums and we think they got a bit smarter when they repurposed their tech into something called the Dyson Air Multiplier; that’s just a fancy way of saying...

Fan Light

Fan + Bed Side Light = Fan Light


What in the novelty world is this?  A fan? A lamp?  Nope, it’s both!  Better yet, it is powered by USB only so that makes it the perfect complement to any desktop.  On the flip side, you can’t run both the light and the fan simultaneously. Read...

Misting Fan

Self Sufficient Misting Fan


Climates with an excessive amount of humidity and heat can be unbearable at times, unless of course you have the luxury of a misting system.  This outdoor fan has a built-in reservoir that holds enough water for up to 8 hours continuous misting.  And although you won’t need a garden...