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Fans Get Smart With The Haiku SenseME Fan


Everything now a days is smart. We have smartwatches, smart cars, smart tablets and everything under the sun. Big Ass Fans decided it was time to launch a smart fan and released their Haiku SenseME Smart Fan. The Haiku fans was always a stylish accent, but now it’s stylish and...

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6 of the “Coolest” Desktop Fans 2014 (list)


With summer practically knocking at our door, get ready for some insane temperatures! Yup, it’s about to get hot. But the heat isn’t always welcomed for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the summer months for its scorching temperatures, so we’ve compiled a list of the coolest desktop fans to help...

BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger main

BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger Review


ot having snow and cold weather isn’t the only benefit of living on the West Coast (Southern California in particular); there’s also the ability to barbecue all year round. But just because the potential to do so is there doesn’t mean that doing a BBQ right is a given: most...


Haiku LED Ceiling Fans Add Style To Your Home


Ceiling fans aren’t always that stylish, but the Haiku LED Ceiling Fan offers style and more! The fans are handcrafted of the highest-quality materials and will fit in any space. It sports a  minimalist design and features an energy efficient LED light that has a No. 1 Energy Star ranking. It’s 80%...

Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan

Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan Cools Like AC


Hot, sticky, and humid just about sums up the East coast of the United States during the summer months.  It’s an uncomfortable climate that just about permanently relegates you to an AC only world, unless of course you’re looking to shed some water weight on the quick.  Florida, or the...