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Shaving Helmet Fake Explained

Shaving Helmet Is Fake And Here’s Why (video)


As we suspected, but honestly didn’t know for sure, the Shaving Helmet is fake.  The guys behind the prank released another YouTube video depicting just how they duped us.  And as one commenter on the GadgetReview guessed they used twins.  But what about the helmet?  No worries, they’ll show you...

Retina Display Faked-1

iPhone 4 Retina Display Faked By Steve Jobs


Holy shit!  It looks like Steve Jobs pulled a quick one during yesterday’s iPhone 4 unveiling.  Steve said that the iPhone’s screen has improved from 163 ppi to 326 ppi; their new Retina display.  The only problem is that his slides and the new iPhone ad show a number that...


DiamondNite Diamond Moissanite Tester Takes The Guessing Out


Getting hitched this Spring or Summer?  Then you might wanna consider investing in the DiamondNite Diamond Moissanite Tester.  It can’t distinguish between machine made and the Earth’s diamonds, but it can tell you if it’s not a diamond at all.  Course, a little training and a magnifying glass can accomplish...


iSnow, Just Add Water


My excitability meter is piquing at ‘pet rock’ right about now.  If you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking one trick pony and by one trick pony I mean you can play with it once and relegate the iSnow to the junk drawer.  Still, though, it’s kind of cool...