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iOS 6

31 Of the Best iOS 6 Features (list)


Apple released details that it’ll be releasing iOS 6 this fall that “take your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in entirely new directions.” Apparently, it’ll do so by providing users more features that make everyday tasks even better and easier. The free upgrade will be available wirelessly on the aforementioned...


30 of the Best iOS 5 Features (list)


Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5.  Not only will it be faster and have an upgraded camera, but it will be powered by iOS 5.  Here are the top 30 new and improved features that users are going to love. 1. Wireless...

Facetime Mac OS X

Facetime Calling Coming To Mac OS X


Finally!  You can now make and receive calls on the Mac using Apple’s Facetime talk.  So now iPhone 4 users can finally call someone using the tech.  Apple says they’re releasing a beta version of the software today. You can grab it at We’re assuming this nomenclature will be...

iPad Camera

New iPad With Built-in Camera Coming This Holiday?


A rumor hit just before the weekend, by way of Appleinsider, stating that Apple would update their iPads with a built-in camera just before the holidays, at least according to a source close with the matter. On one hand this sounds like complete cocky pock since Apple is known for...

Fring Video Calls on iPhone 4

Fring iPhone App Updated, Video Calls Now Available


When the iPhone 4 arrived everyone questioned if Apple would approve the iPhone 4’s front camera to be used with other video calling applications aside from Facetime. Question no more. Why? Fring updated their Fring application, which now allows iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, Android and Symbian users to make video...

ipod touch

Rumor: New iPod Touch To Get HD Recording, FaceTime


Rumors hit today that Apple’s next version of the iPod Touch will feature HD video recording and the FaceTime app currently featured on the iPhone 4, with a marketing focus on teens. This information makes a lot sense — the iPod Touch update comes out in September as school’s starting,...


Have No Friends And Want To FaceTime? Call Apple


So here’s a scenario: you just got your fancy brand new iPhone 4, and you want to FaceTime with a person. (FaceTime is a verb now. I just invented it.) Sadly, you have no friends (or really, no friends with an iPhone 4, which is quite possible). Well, just call up...