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Vizio 47″ Smart TV only $399, 20% Off Facebook Games, and Amazon’s #1 Garbage Disposal 63% Off


Looking for a Smart TV? In recent years, Vizio’s made a name for itself by making TVs that outfeature and outperform their similarly-sized competition at a fraction of the cost. Today you can pick up a Vizio Smart TV in 65-inch, 47-inch, or 42-inch size for the lowest price ever....

Autographer alternate main

The Autographer Review


hat’s with these “wearable” cameras that are all the rage lately? Do they work and really know what they’re doing and how do you handle them? The Autographer does what a “wearable” camera should and does it well, even if it’s not as unobtrusive looking as some others. The Autographer...

walter white facebook movie

Walter White’s Facebook Movie, “Look Back Clip” Parody (video)


A few weeks back, Facebook rolled our a video for all their users called “A Look Back” for their 10th anniversary, which detailed highlights since users’ first joined dates and comedy duo Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues created a pretty authentic-looking parody of one for Walter White of Breaking...


Darth Vader’s Look Back On Facebook Is Hilarious (video)

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As you may have guessed, we’re big fans of Star Wars around here. So, of course we watched Darth Vader’s Look Back on Facebook. Hey, he posted it, we’ve got every right to take a look. Use The Forcebook For those unfamiliar, Facebook decided recently to celebrate being around for...

COOKOO Connected Watch main

COOKOO Connected Watch for iPhone Review


watch tells time, but ever since the invention of the wristwatch designers have looked to innovate both its appearance and functionality. Once that meant glowing dials or digital LEDs or even built-in video games, but now it’s all about the smartphone and integration. Answering the call is the COOKOO Connected...

angry birds friends

Angry Birds Friends Available on iOS and Android

Another Angry Birds game for your mobile to get addicted to? Yup, and this new version is called Angry Birds Friends that is very similar to its Facebook counterpart. Think of it as the traditional Angry Birds game but with social aspects built in. But it’s still the same type...

Budweiser Buddy Cup

Budweiser Buddy Cup: Cheers To Send a Facebook Friend Invite (video)


Color me skeptical, but this Budweiser product reeks of “vaporware” viral marketing campaign.  Nevertheless, it’s an interesting idea, and one that could actually work in bars. Launched in Brazil, hence the Portuguese type in the video, special Budwieser cups called “Buddy Cups” were outfitted with what is presumably NFC technology....

social media type intro

Check Your Social Media Personality with this Infographic (infographic)


First Direct Bank, which really has no business in social media, created an inforgraphic that breaks down the archetypes in social media.  There are 12 in total, and I couldn’t help but agree with all of them.  Common sense alone confirms that most people are “lurkers”, but that can almost be said...

Facebook VOIP

Facebook VoIP Now Available to Android Users


Got an Android phone?  Facebook much?  Good news.  Today the social network rolled out free VoIP calls for Android users.  Keep in mind that this is only Facebook to Facebook, and won’t allow you to make calls to an actual telephone number. That all being said, calls should be purely...

HTC First-1

Status Update: Facebook Phone Announced, Called The First, Launches with Home

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I am reluctantly writing this post.  But since Facebook is, well, kind of a big deal, it’s news I simply can’t pass up.  That being said, the HTC First isn’t Facebook’s first phone.  But perhaps it will be the company’s first successful smartphone, and hence the name. The First was announced in...


Is this the Actual PS4 Console We’ve All Been Looking For?


Sony UK posted this picture yesterday.  Is it the actual PS4? If you recall, Sony announced the all new Playstation a few weeks ago, showed off some games and the controller, but the actual console was nowhere to be seen.  So it seems likely that this is in fact the...